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IPFS, State of the art, Bang Bang

There are many companies such as listed companies, Game Industries. Asking cheap, effective network to get their work done while ensuring hard to modify. IPFS is the most optimal solution as user just use normal browser to get things done at a moment.

Someone may ask why me? As I am clear about it even .io is a fashion, In my opinion, lots of .com are not bogus. Pin (Relaying) fee is Six Hong Kong dollars per 1GB, Monthly, Instead, Contact me for the DETAILS!


1.Why .com instead of .io?

.com is the boss. In detail, there are at least 8,100 out of 10,000 websites with .com suffix, If you have doubts, you better surf https://webhosting.info/domain-name-statistics to find yourself. If not, Too bad.

2.Why Pricing is clearly shown?

For faster speed, and more reliable link, It is a must, Some people may ask HKD 28.00 monthly for just seven GB with email. But you proably only need just webpage hosting like neocities. Although you can order one, they perhaps charge you too high if you only just doing er one website, and only two men maintain that at a moment.

3. Is possible host without a domain name?

Domain name is a fancy thing. Of course, for professional opinion, You better have one suitable or hard to do as I am here designing a more robust link for serious users such as banks, listing companies even Jagex® like companies. These people like to make a very big profit, they like to pay less. With IPFS, will do, Of course, I still charge them expensive, but cheaper than these CDNs. Hereby saying that, Filecoin is a symbol of CDN, but not for dynamic content. They are for something like employadam.com

4. How to ensure only insterested parties can receive things?

Encrypt before pin. Regardless for public and for private, Remember only legitmate things are allowed on my relay matrix, Each application must be inspected until further notices or Refrain to find me to pin for you as IPFS likes Public TV, which must comply with operational codes.

Finally ,If you agree, then try using polarhei -at- gmail -dot- com to give it a try.

If you have some enquires such as domain name transferring, please contact with polarhei -at- gmail -dot- com for details 

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